Working conditions



The managers of the tannery are convinced that for a successful career growth the employee needs to work on the principle: "Do a little more than what you are asked for."

  • The tannery staff includes about 2,000 people.
  • Employees have a full social package of privileges, guarantees and compensations established by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • According to the Regulation "On Social Guarantees and Benefits", employees are additionally provided with paid holidays, financial assistance, medical services and medical advice.
  • The work schedule depends on the specialization of the employee. 24-hour production mode allows a worker to choose a convenient work shift. For specialists there is a five-day working week.
  • In addition to compulsory annual vacation of 28 days, there is an additional paid vacation of 7 to 14 days.
  • The curriculum at tannery makes it possible to employ people without special tanning education. The principle of "development from within" allows you to grow from the worker to the manager.
  • Advancement on the career ladder is promoted by the improvement of professional skills and professional training, mastering of new specialties, entry to the Base of the personnel reserve.
  • The tannery cooperates with international companies. Therefore, some positions require candidates with knowledge of a foreign language.
  • The enterprise works with educational institutions and accepts students of higher and secondary educational institutions for industrial practice. This is a good opportunity for students to be noted and further to find a job in the tannery.


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