«Russkaya kozha» retail store

Shop of natural finished leather and accessories “Russkaya Kozha” in shopping center “Bars” 

Moskovskoe av. 5a. Ryazan, 390013.


First retailing shop of Ryazan’s Leather Tannery.

  • In this shop presented leather of different articles and trends: for furniture, shoes, haberdashery, clothes and for cars’ salons as well.
  • There are range of souvenirs goods of own production, equipment for work with leather and auxiliary parts.
  • Master classes of applied art for children always take place in the shop.


Аssociation of young businessmen visited Group of companies "Russkaya Kozha"
Awarding ceremony for the Magic Leather World Contest winners.
Signing of the Charter for the Protection of Atmospheric Air in the Ryazan Region
Media channel reports about the timing of the launch of a tannery in the Altai region