Buying / selling

Used equipment (for sale)

1. "Russkaya kozha"  sells used double-tape machine for minnow
firms MOSCONI model ZENIT, year 2000.
The cost on the terms of self-delivery and 100% prepayment-33 000 Euros with VAT.

2. "Russkaya kozha" offers for sale used vacuum drying 5 tables of production
company Cartigliano model SV 5C-NT 70 x 32, year 2004.
The cost on the terms of self-delivery and prepayment of 100% - 33 000 Euros with VAT.

3. Other used equipment and illiquid assets  Неликвиды продажа август 2018




Used equipment and non-liquid products are offered for sale on conditions of self-export.

Trading and Purchasing Manager  Kolotushkina Yuliya

Contacts:  (4912) 30-65-80 доб.1902 e-mail: yukolotushkina@leather.ru

Неликвиды продажа август 2018



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